In-sourced Finance Team

In-sourced Finance Team



Who We Are & What We Do

 We are builders & operators

  • We build & optimize your financial infrastructure*
  • We operate it going forward as a critical part of your team

*Financial Infrastructure is a critical pillar of any business and is comprised of the people, systems, and processes surrounding financial operations. 

We deploy our team to build & optimize your financial systems & processes. 

Then we either build/hire/train a team to run an Accounting & Finance department or we stay on as a long-term solution, depending on business circumstance.


How We Do It

We embed ourselves in our clients businesses.

We are INSIDE your business every day - you don't have to call us, we're already here as part of your team! 

We DO:

  • Use Your Email handles
  • Use Your comms channels (slack, skype, email, hangouts, etc. - whatever you already use)
  • We attend your team meetings
  • We OWN everything that falls in our realm


  • Charge by the hour - unless you really want high bills from us
  • Say "this is out of scope" - we follow a fair use policy and get things done when they need to be done
  • Wait for you to call us to give us things to do


How We Deploy Our Team

 You get an entire team that fills any of the following functions in your business:

  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Financial Operations Manager
  • Accountant

Teams come in 2 or 3 part-time & remote experts that fill the right gaps in your accounting & finance department. Everyone is highly trained and skilled in their area of expertise. 

All at a fraction of the cost of deploying an in-house team - you don't have to train and incentivize us to do our jobs - we're already are good at it and love it.


Our clients


 Our Clients Have the Following Characteristics:


  • High Growth Tech or Software Businesses
  • Investor Funded, Highly Profitable, or Have $10M+ in annual sales
  • Have distributed teams or comfortable working with distributed teams
  • Multi-Entity Structures or Complex Financial Infrastructures
  • Internal or External Requirement for  Sophisticated Financial Management

High Growth Software & Tech

We only work with tech & software companies. Because of how we work, we only take on a few clients at a time.  

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